Doing good is developed as second nature in our organization. It involves doing good in our work, with our resources, in our processes and procedures and to our people and society. We understand that we can make a holistic impact to society through this idea. Our steps today in conducting our business in a socially responsible and a good way, sets the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.


We provide proper sanitation facilities in all our training centres. Clean drinking water, hygienic food standards and proper toilet facilities are provided for our trainees. We also have laid down best practices for use of such toilets and have a strict maintenance policy for the same. These measures are in sync with the Government of India’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. We also organize medical camps for health check-ups, blood donation and immunization drives.

Skill Development

Striving for a better tomorrow, it is imperative that youth is nurtured to find their own footing in the world. Skill development is one of the key initiatives amongst our CSR activities. Mukesh Training Academy provides vocational training to candidates with focus on employability. We are also empanelled in several State and Central Government programs to provide training and skill development. We are a partner with the Hyundai Technical Training Academy through which training is given to achieve supreme customer service to Hyundai clients.

Disaster Management

Recent times have witnessed massive floods in the remote parts of Assam. In 2019, our restaurant Oriental Bistro in Guwahati initiated a Flood Relief Campaign to collect funds for donations to the Chief Ministers’ Relief Fund (Government of Assam). We also participate in rebuilding the society post such natural calamities with a focus on the basics – food, clothing and shelter.


We have instituted mobile health units with specialized doctors that provide blood checks in remote parts of Assam and West Bengal. These areas have limited blood testing centres visiting which results in loss of livelihood for the daily workers. This program provides these workers with instant blood reports saving them time to revisit clinics and also enables them to receive immediate medical attention if needed.

Road Campaigns

As responsible automobile dealers, we are dedicated to safety on the road. As a Group, we have led several campaigns to advocate measures that must be adopted for road safety. We have run campaigns on use of helmets, dangers of drunk driving, use of dipper and knowledge of road signs. The campaigns have been aimed at bringing a change in the mindset of the people to be more responsible while driving.